About Us

Our business was started over 100 years ago in the same small shop we use today, by my great grandfather Henry Olds.

Henry passed on the business to his son Percy Olds and grandson, my father Vivian Olds.

After taking over the business from my father I introduced my son to it, Mr Randall Olds, so you can see it is a long-established family business, starting in 1901.

We have a Butchers Shop at 2, Chapel Road where you will be announced by an old fashion bell ! Here, we're proud to sell our own meat, from cattle reared on the Cornish meadows of St Just and slaughtered in our own licensed slaughter house.

As a business we have been very fortunate in being one of few slaughter houses in Cornwall to acquire a Soil Association approved licence as well as our EU Licence. This enables us to provide genuine, locally produced Organic Beef and Lamb. Our meat couldn't be "less stressed"- from the fields to the shop!

Much of our time these days is spent delivering with a mobile van to many of the surrounding villages in Penwith on a regular weekly basis. Additionally, as a result of so many requests from 'up-country', we are now offering a Box Service for next day delivery fresh to your door anywhere in the UK."

We are able to offer a service to the local farming community which means that animal welfare is of the highest in as much as animals then do not have to travel huge distances before slaughter.

Our opening times are 7am-5pm Monday to Friday and 7am-1pm on Saturday.

Your can contact me by email (vivianoldsaccounts@yahoo.com) if you need further help and information.

Regards Randall Olds